The Difference: Baking, Roasting, Searing, Boiling, and Braising

So what is the difference anyways?! A friend of mine had a short lived blog, and she googled a few things she had questions on, so I thought I should stop being lazy and do the same.

As a confused self teaching cooking student I have wondered the difference between baking and roasting. I do realize that some of us do not want to feel stupid and might not know the difference between the rest (searing, boiling, and braising). I for one, hear the term ‘braising’ on Top Chef all the time. Until I decided to do a little research, I left ‘braising’ for those fancy shmancy chefs. Unbeknownst (is that really a word because spell check is ignoring it?!) to me, braising isn’t really that difficult. I’m not a huge meat eater so I don’t know if I’ll be using it too often, but nonetheless I’ve included it in a table below. The information and ONLY place I could friggen get my questions answered was on the LiveStrong website. You go Lance.

I hope that’s not too teeny tiny for you to read! If so, just click on this link.

Now that the mystery is gone, I guess I must use the appropriate jargon when explaining new recipes to you guys. I’ll probably have to save this little cheat sheet to my desktop.

Back to normal blog topics…

Today, I substituted at a preschool in Tampa. Those little ones take so much energy out of me. I actually had to take a nap today which I hadn’t done in forever. Philly puppy is still a tired mess from his shots so I don’t think he minded the cuddle sesh :) .

After the power nap I made this:

turn into this:

A’ was on a huge breakfast smoothie kick for awhile so we stocked up on a lot of frozen fruit. Then the kick ended and we’ve had frozen fruit for months. I don’t know what inspired me to make it today! It was such a treat :)

With my new burst of energy I went to the gym. Ugh, boring. My knee still feels a little ehh so it meant another workout on the eliptical. So boring and I feel like I didn’t get a workout. Afterwards I practiced chin ups and TRX pushups followed by a round of the exercises that the PT recommended. This part was much better. I’m determined to hold a chin up for five seconds!

A’ just got home so we’re brainstorming dinner ideas. Don’t expect anything fabulous. The idea of ordering delivery was just thrown in :)




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