Food Photos and SAG Awards

Yesterday consisted of a lot of catching up with work and laundry. Nothing much of interest!

I do, however, have food photos from yesterday.

For lunch I made a good egg scramble.

w/ spinach & peppers

I’m still ‘limiting’ diary from my diet so I made it w/o cheese. Ya, definitely not as good. I decided it just tasted a little dry for me. So when I went to Whole Foods in the afternoon I got a lot of salsa to eat with the eggs in the future. I’m hoping this will make it better.

With the eggs I had a mini fruit salad.

For dinner we were in the mood for carbs and more carbs so we whipped up some pancakes! We used the recipe on this bag of pancake mix:

But we divided it between two bowls. Half with bananas, walnuts, and cinnamon. Half with pumpkin puree and cinnamon (we should have added more pumpkin).

A’ grilled em up:

And there you go!

On the side we had a fruit salad. We have SO SO much fruit left from the BBQ. I don’t think anyone there was trying to be healthy.

So I’m very excited to share my dessert with you. Guess what VitaTops came out with?!


I really should have bought 5 boxes. I couldn’t hold my excitement still long enough to take a decent picture.

At night we watched the SAG awards while video chatting some peeps. Who do you think was the best dressed? I like the SAG awards the best because it’s voted on by their peers and the whole night is more laid back. You can tell the celebrities are having a good time.

Here is my vote for best dressed:

So cute, I love her! and in addition I love the kid that plays Luke on Modern Family. He is by far my favorite character and his acceptance speech tonight just solidified that.

She just looks like a goddess.

Tina’s body looks amazing!


and votes for worst dressed:

This, to me, is anti-glamourous.

You are so beautiful! Why are you dressed like a mother at a bat-miztvah in 1992?

I just feel like Lea Michelle is over compensating for her character on Glee. Every picture I found of her had her over-dramaticizing herself.

Today is a busy day – Going to get the puppy a haircut at 10. It takes about an hour and a half so I’ll be doing work at a nearby Panera while he is there. Which reminds me to pack a snack.

Then I’m off to bootcamp at 12 and class at 4.

I hope you all have a wonderful start to your weeks.



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