I’ve always been interested in the subject of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) because I frequently feel that it happens to me.

According to The Running Times we cannot prevent it but warming up is more important than cooling down when trying to lesson it. The article also goes into how the build up of lactate causing soreness right after a workout is different from the soreness you get from DOMS which happens 24-48 hours after the workout. I liked this quote:

“While this is a good way to avoid continued DOMS from the same types of workouts, it doesn’t mean you should simply train your body to withstand one form of training. It’s about building on your workouts week after week and training your body to withstand more.”

This is why I love training programs and bootcamp. Each week is different and each week challenges my muscles to adapt in a new way. This makes me stronger/faster/leaner. I thought to blog about it today because I feel especially sore from Monday’s bootcamp and I’m off to another. Usually about 10 minutes in I start to loosen up again so I should be ok :) .

Monday we did a Tabata style workout in Bootcamp. I’ve never done it FULL on like we did in class. It was awesome. I sort of wanna go out and get a timer now for when we are traveling. It’s a great workout for a hotel room :) . If you do not know what it is here is a good explanation.

Yesterday three things made me kinda happy.

One was that I finally bought some Chia seeds and Flax seeds and a mason jar to put them in.

I think the jar is too big...

Next, I got some extra easy to peel extra juicy clementines.

Oh, my darling Clementines!

Lastly, A’ made dinner for me! I bought the ingredients and left a note for him when I went to class to tell him what to make. He had it ready and in a bowl the second I walked through the door. Nice!

Italian Night!

In the bowl is whole wheat cheese tortellini with

Italian Spiced Vegan Sausage



The sauce is in the sink with bubbles because I am washing out jars I like now. I’ll use them from now on instead of spending $2.29 on jars at Whole Foods which is how I got the mason jar for the Chia Seeds.

Time to walk the dog and get ready for another high intensity workout.

Happy hump day,







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