week 2/52 {365 Day Project}

It’s been nice taking photos this week. I haven’t been that ‘good’ about it though. I’m hoping it’ll become second nature after awhile. I missed a day (the 11th)…but here’s what we have for the week. I’ll be back later today with your Sunday Smiles.

- 01.05.13 on our tabletop - 


- 01.06.13 waitin’ for dad - IMG_1220

- 01.07.13 tortuga pequena - 



- 01.08.13 next book to read - 


- 01.09.13 breakfast - 


- 01.10.13 pretty dishes from anthropologie - 


- 01.12.13 omelette - 


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About S2S

I've always been somewhat concerned with getting physical activity and eating healthy. My parents were always doing active things with my sister and I growing up and cooking good foods for us. I work out 6 days a week and recently began to get serious about it! I'm just learning how to cook and so far it's been fun. I enjoy hanging out with my husband, my family, and my puppy in Tampa. I got my undergraduate degree in Finance but after two years in the corporate world I have decided to go back to school at USF to become a teacher. It has been the best decision of my life, aside from marrying my husband! I travel to Orlando and Boca Raton frequently to visit the in laws. I'm always up for new challenges and am always willing to try something once. From running in my sneakers to walking the beach in my sandals - I'll share all my adventures with you. Enjoy!
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