Sunday Smiles 1.6.13


The first Sunday Smiles of 2013! Where did this week go? I swear I was just posting the Last Sunday Smiles of 2012. It kind of feels like it should be 2013. I have accepted this fact and am ready to take on this year.

First, please tell me how someone can look like this…

IMG_2721and like this…



in the same day?

I got my haircut and apparently getting my hair cut, putting on real clothes, and putting on makeup was just too much for me to handle in one day. Also, do you see how one of my eyes is squinty in the first picture? A’ and I both have this weird lazy eyelid thing. Apparently you can get surgery to fix it. I don’t really notice it that much but in the first picture I do. I don’t think I would get surgery unless it became a vision problem.

Anyways, here are some Sunday Smiles for you!

Meals and Miles got married! and I’ve been a weird stalker girl looking at all the facebook posts/instagram photos all weekend (thanks Steph and Mary for feeding my stalkerish tendencies, you guys are the best). Everything looked absolutely amazing and beautiful! Congratulations!

- I think I will sign up for the Best Damn Race. For no other reason than it’s called the Best Damn Race. 13.1 miles here I come.

- After having it used on my eyes (by professionals) for two weddings this year, I ordered the NAKED eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay. I think it’s supposed to come tomorrow, can’t wait, I love makeup!

Seriously the best chocolate chip cookies ever <— I must try.

- I will be making Chili this week.

Easy Steel Cut Oatmeal

Words to live by…

What’s the deal with pop-tarts? Love Seinfeld. Don’t you think A’ looks like Seinfeld? Just tell me he does to appease me. I like to think he’ll look exactly like him as he ages (but if you don’t it’s OK boo!).

- DIY Etched Glass Milk Bottles

Stamped Envelope Liners

EarBuds I like (in Tortoise)

- Do you watch Revenge? I started watching it on Netflix last night and ended up watching 4 episodes! Yikes. It’s good and apparently another season premiers tonight. I guess I should start recording it.

- A lot of other shows premier this week… Downtown Abbey and the Bachelor to name a few. Thankgoodness for DVR.

OK, I must go do some work before I get sucked into the television for the rest of the night.




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