Sunday Smiles are Pretty Muddy 10.20.12

Hi all!

Last night A’ and I had a CRAZY night. We went to dinner and went food shopping all before 8:30! I KNOW. We are party animals! Grrr.

We went to one of my favorite restaurants in Tampa, Timpano. If you haven’t gone. Go! It’s the best combination of food, service, and atmosphere. Love it when that happens. We watched the first three quarters of the gator game at home and went and sat at the bar to watch the last quarter.

We shared the meatballs appetizer and each got a salad for our main dish. I ordered chicken on my salad and we split it.

This was my first time ordering the meatballs. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long! They were outta this world.

We were both tired when we finished but it wasn’t late enough to go back so we headed to WF to get our grocery shopping done for the week. Grocery shopping after a glass of vino…whole new experience.

When we got home I tried to be all fancy and make those cupcakes in a mug that are floating around pintrest. Ya. It was nasty. I made a Paleo one which was basically egg whites and cocoa powder. Literally tasted like eggs with cocoa powder.


For all you men out there, I apologize for my relatively ‘girly’ Sunday Smiles. I’ve said this before but it gives me an excuse to stalk all the pretty DIY/Photography/Design blogs that I have no real reason to read. I’m really inspired by all the creativity out on the web. It amazes me what people come up with. Blogging really gives those absurdly creative people a place to show their work. Being a good photographer and writer goes hand in hand with showing the web what you have done. You need good content, good photographs, and good writing in order to create these blog posts. I really appreciate the effort that goes into writing them up. I can totally see why blogging can be a full time job.


- A beautiful way to gift wrap a hostess gift for Thanksgiving

NOT Paleo

Paleo AND Pumpkin

- This post on paper bags 3 ways is a perfect example of how the creativity on the web is OOC.

- These bird cookies seem elegant and festive at the same time…a hard balance to achieve.

- Can’t get enough Chevron

- This typeface for doctors made me LOL

Pretty Muddy

So, I got an invite to be a part of the TBLB Pretty Muddy Tampa group. At first I was like, nah, too much of a hassle for a 5K but then I was like…are you an idiot!? You have a chance to roll around in the mud while exercising with some of your favorite Tampa girls. After like 3 seconds of actually thinking about it I signed up!

A few weeks later the people of Pretty Muddy sent me a T-Shirt.

How’d they know dark purple was my color? Goes great with my hair and skin tone thankyouverymuch. I have a weird phobia of putting on race shirts before the race. I know, add another thing to my list of things I’m weird about.

Are you signed up for Pretty Muddy? Come get Pretty Muddy with me and some of my other Tampa Bay Bloggers. We are signed up for the 8:30 heat. Should be a Pretty Awesome, Fun, Sweaty, Messy…good time :)

Have a fabulous Sunday evening people.




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