Sunday Smiles & Wedding Wrap Up

What a wonderful weekend! We are back in Tampa after a smooth flight and I can’t stop smiling I’m so happy to be back. I had a great weekend but I woke up so ready to be home. Being gone Thur night till Sun afternoon is rough. I’m a lucky ducky because I came home to a special treat from my MIL and FIL which included a home cooked meal :) but more on that tomorrow…

For now, here are some highlights from the rest of the weekend.

A’ and I had brunch at one of my old stomping grounds Saturday morning…

And their homemade jelly makes me swoon…

We got ready and left for the the Radnar Country club for the wedding…some stud wanted to get in this picture with me :)

Oh and there are my long lost Philly friends. They are like the funnest/funniest people and it was a darn good time being at the wedding with them…

The food at the wedding was pretty good too! I tackled the meat…like devoured it.

The bride and groom were so happy and in love. They have been together since like their sophomore year of college and they have been out of school for 4 years. You can do the math…

I was on a mission to get a picture with the bride. Here’s the old Siemens (where I used to work when I worked in finance) crew…

It was a beautiful night. The bride and I have known each other since 2008! I can’t believe it’s been that long already. Even so, she’s the type of person I feel like I’ve known my whole life.

Ok, now back to your regular Sunday programming…here are some Sunday Smiles :)

-  Thankfully I won’t be on another plane and traveling very much anymore…but these Traveling WODs would come in handy to work up a good sweat anywhere.

- I love the new Beurdoux colors of the fall and I especially love how Emily uses them in this outfit.

- A DIY tote will be my next project because I’m carrying around a blank one filled with books for my classroom.

- What would be a better snack than an Almond Date Truffle? I can’t think of any…

- When I go away for a weekend I also feel like I need to eat super healthy the week after. I don’t get nearly the amount of veggies I usually do. This recipe for Easy Shredded Pork with Plantains from PaleOMG looks delicious and nutritious!

- Just so I can be a walking contradiction…I also want to make these Homemade ice-cream cones.

- I’m kind of obsessed with getting better at photography lately. I have been searching the internet for as much advice as I can find. I was so happy to find this blog and post about the secrets to shooting photos.

- That blog led me to… this blogthis list of simple WordPress themesand this post about blogging. I still haven’t explored those to their fullest yet but I plan to this week :)

I love using these Sunday smiles in order to get all my ‘other’ things I love out there on the web.

I hope you have a wonderful end to your weekend. A’ is pissed because the Eagles game isn’t playing in Tampa. Wompwomp. We have SOO much to watch on the DVR. I must go finish my homework so I can tackle more productive things like watching TV and being lazy.



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