Mediterranean Red Quinoa Salad


Thanks to my friend @ La Petite Maison Verte for this wonderful recipe (click on that link for the recipe)!

I followed her recipe pretty closely but I did make a few changes :) I used the same amount of red quinoa as she suggested…I rinsed, boiled, simmered, and put to the side to let cool…

First adaptation: MORE GARLIC. I love Garlic. I added 1 extra clove for a total of 2 cloves.

I cut up all the veggies she suggested except for the onion. A’ isn’t a fan of raw onions and I’ve come to really not enjoy them either so I left them out.

For the first time I used Tahini. It was interesting. It has a much stronger taste than I anticipated. What I needed…more lemon juice. I definitely did not add enough.

another thing I didn’t add enough of…Olives. I never liked olives but for some reason I’ve come to like kalamata olives.

Hmm parsly and feta cheese.

Everything was mixed together and put on top of a bed of lettuce with a grilled chicken breast. If this looks good to you…click on the link above and check out my friend’s blog! Yummm on.

oh and I added sliced almonds per her suggestion…


I left everything I had in the group exercise room today and it felt good. I can’t remember the last time I pushed myself that hard. It was beastly. What do you think that it is? Why can you push yourself sometimes and sometimes not. Frustrating. I think it has a lot to do with Mrs.Fitness being back…I can always count on her to get me into a workout.

I hope I can keep it going tomorrow when I do a swim/run or swim/bike (I haven’t decided yet).

Other news

So I am going to the Healthy Living Summit in two weeks! Crazy times! I just got a pretty exciting email about the details regarding the weekend and I’m totally pumped. I know I’ll be one of the newest (if not the newest) blogger there with one of the lowest readership subscriptions. In order to make new friends and make sure they remember me…I just ordered business cards for the first time…

Not really my best work but not the worst either considering I did it really quickly. Apparently I did it in the nick of time bc the estimated shipping date is 2 days before I leave…mwah ha ha….maybe Lululemon should send me a free bra since these business cards are free advertising for them. I’m not asking for a lot!

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