Green Juice for Health

This weekend I ate a lot of bad food. The tipping point came last night when A’ and I were in the search of a good local restaurant with healthy fresh food. We ended up at a restaurant, which I’m not naming, where we ordered a veggie burger. Halfway through A’ was like, this is too good, I bet this thing is fried. What do we find out? It’s a fried veggie burger. Wompwomp. Too much fried in one weekend.

I thought a lot about food this weekend. I was very focused on how I felt this weekend (without my normal veggie intake) verses how I feel during the week when I eat salads for lunch and a well balanced dinner. What I discovered was, without the energy I usually get from veggies, I felt tired and lethargic. Even though I got more sleep this weekend than I usually do (no early long run), I still felt sleepy and grumpy – like real grumpy – like I’m surprised A’ is still married to me.

Monday, I decided, was going to be a day FILLED with vegetables.

First up, Green Juice. I found that recipe on A’ went through a Juicing kick after his Smoothie kick, so we have a  juicer that has been collecting cobwebs. I decided that this morning was the perfect day to bring it out. We prepared by going to the grocery store Sunday and buying the right foods. Juicing.Is.Expensive. A’ and I modified the recipe for the Green Juice by adding two more apples. This gave us enough juice for the two of us.

Sorry for the horrible picture. At 6am I wasn’t about to make it all pretty.

We each got a juice that size. I had to add a ton of ice cubes because for me warm juice = gross juice. It mostly tasted like apple juice! I was pleasantly surprised.

It’s probably all mental, but I already feel more energized this morning! I would love to make juices all the time but there are a few things holding me back.

  1. It’s expensive
  2. I have to buy a lot of produce and keep it in the apartment. Our refrigerator is old and small and I would have no room for anything else.
  3. I miss having something to bite into in the morning (I could probably get over this).

Have you ever tried making juices? Do you have any good recipes? I think next time I’ll try one with carrots.

Today I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I’ll be going to bootcamp at 12. My knee was a little achy yesterday after my run on Saturday so if it starts to bother me I’ll just leave and go on the row  machine or something.

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


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I've always been somewhat concerned with getting physical activity and eating healthy. My parents were always doing active things with my sister and I growing up and cooking good foods for us. I work out 6 days a week and recently began to get serious about it! I'm just learning how to cook and so far it's been fun. I enjoy hanging out with my husband, my family, and my puppy in Tampa. I got my undergraduate degree in Finance but after two years in the corporate world I have decided to go back to school at USF to become a teacher. It has been the best decision of my life, aside from marrying my husband! I travel to Orlando and Boca Raton frequently to visit the in laws. I'm always up for new challenges and am always willing to try something once. From running in my sneakers to walking the beach in my sandals - I'll share all my adventures with you. Enjoy!
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