I’ve been absent, and probably will be for awhile.

Hi all!

Just wanted to pop in real quick. I actually have TONS of pictures to upload but it’s gotten to the point where it’s kind of daunting. Lots of daily pictures, bachelorette party pics (where I was last weekend), running pics, crossfit pics, food pics…you get the jist.

You see, the thing is…I started my full time internship last Monday and well…I don’t have a routine/flow yet. Last week I was SO STRESSED. I felt like I went from zero to hero in one day. It was like, one day I was napping and running errands and the next day I was FREAKING OUT.

My days are something like this:

  • 5:40am wake up, feed dog, shower, get ready, empty dishwasher, or make juice, or walk dog, answer emails, eat breakfast…
  • 6:55am leave for school
  • 7:30am kids come into class
  • 4:00-4:15 leave school
  • 4:30-5:30/45 work out
  • 6:00-7:00 make dinner/unpack lunch/repack lunch
  • 7:00-8:30 school work/lesson plan..ect..
  • 8:30-8:45 pack things for school the next day
  • 8:45-10:00 try and CHILL OUT FOR A SECOND
  • and repeat.

So you see, I COULD blog for a second but it’s just really not working out at the moment.

Do any of you busy people have ideas for balancing work, working out, cooking, blogging?

Like..I need to clean the apartment/take out the recycling at some point to.

Oh and there’s that growing pile of dry cleaning.

One last thing…Shirtless Sean was particularly smokin’ last night. Maybe it was the fact that he was doing charity…and I’m telling you right now my favorite girl is Leslie (the one from DC).

As soon as I can upload photos and organize my life I”ll be back to your regularly scheduled programming. Until then…




PS. Check out my updated race menu on the right!

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Sunday (Monday) Smiles 1.14.13

Did you watch the Golden Globes last night? Who do you think was best/worse dressed? What do you think about the winners?

We recorded it. I was ‘trying’ to go to sleep by 9. That’ didn’t work out too well.

Anyways…here are the Sunday Smiles for you :)

What women look for in a walk in closet…


pretty side table DIY

DIY CardHolder

Mini PomPom/Tassel Key Holders —–> might actually try this one !

A Play on Pigs in a Blanket

Whole Wheat Carrot Bread

Cleaning Supplies


That’s all for this Sunday! I hope you had a fabulous weekend and are looking forward to an even more fabulous week :)



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week 2/52 {365 Day Project}

It’s been nice taking photos this week. I haven’t been that ‘good’ about it though. I’m hoping it’ll become second nature after awhile. I missed a day (the 11th)…but here’s what we have for the week. I’ll be back later today with your Sunday Smiles.

- 01.05.13 on our tabletop - 


- 01.06.13 waitin’ for dad - IMG_1220

- 01.07.13 tortuga pequena - 



- 01.08.13 next book to read - 


- 01.09.13 breakfast - 


- 01.10.13 pretty dishes from anthropologie - 


- 01.12.13 omelette - 


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Catch you up Buttercup


I’ve been lazy.

I took a test for my Teacher certification (and passed!) and then continued to do nothing else but watch Revenge, eat, workout, and finish some other things for school for the rest of the week.

I complain that I have ‘no time’ but somehow like 10 episodes of Revenge have been watched in the last 3 days. Ha!

Here’s a photo dump of what has been going on :)

Can’t decide if this outfit goes together?


It’s been RIDICULOUSLY warm outside these past few days…and I just can’t justify wearing bright colors, shorts, and flipflops in January so I TRY to look ‘winterish’ but it’s been 85 DEGREES out. I could really go for some like 70 degree running weather, PLEASE.

This was the sky on my way to the gym the other day. So lovely.


Out to dinner with some friends for a girls night at Timpano. Hate this picture of me but whatever.



A good dinner I cooked for myself the other day. Roasted sweet potatoes, roasted asparagus, and grilled chicken with lemon pepper.


Notice the bottle of coconut oil in the background? Ya, I’m still figuring out when/how to use that stuff. Suggestions would be appreciated.

Love my of LIIIIFE…

IMG_2781 IMG_2780



Ginormous water I drank yesterday during an all day training for school. IMG_2772

Yesterday’s Crossfit session…Yikes! The test was 3 minutes of double unders (I did 159), the SWOD was OHS (Overhead squats) (I got up to 75 lbs) and the WOD was 10 minute AMRAMP (as many reps as possible) of 30 Double Unders and 15 Power Snatches (I got through 4 rounds using 45 lbs on my bar for the snatch). Ohhh my heart rate was through.the.roof. I love it.IMG_2775Last night I made black bean burgers from Cooking Light Mag. Basically it goes as follows:

Can of black beans in the food processor with an egg and Canola oil. Add mixture to a bowl with panko crumbs, green onions, cumin, red pepper, garlic cloves, and salt. I divided the mixture into four patties and coated with panko bread crumbs. I put canola oil into a skillet and cooked the patties on each side for about 4-5 minutes on med-high heat.

IMG_2778On the side I roasted brussels with s/p, evoo, and honey. Then when I took them out of the oven I put a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, dijon mustard, salt and pepper on the brussels and mixed them in a bowl.

I just went shopping. Let’s not discuss that.

Now I am going to nap and catch up on Top Chef. I’m trying to enjoy myself before I start a full time teacher’s schedule on Monday! Uhohhhh, I’m a real person (minus the pay check).



PS. Good luck to all the Walt Disney World Marathon/Half Marathon runners!! It was one year ago that I completed my first half marathon at the WDW Marathon. I can’t believe it’s only been a year :)


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Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili With Sweet Potato + Shirtless Sean

IMG_1222My favorite wine (Cru) and a good meal (adapted from this recipe) makes me very happy!

I was eating lunch with MK the other day and I was telling her how much I love Chili and she asked if I had ever made it. I wasn’t sure I had. I know I’ve made like an Indian chili with lentils and Indian spices but I wasn’t sure I had ever made a true chili. I don’t think last night’s meal constituted a ‘real’ chili either.

You know I’m always looking for a good excuse to eat a sweet potato bc they are my fave. So imagine my surprise when I was browsing the web and came across a vegetarian chili with sweet potato. Music to my ears. Especially since A’ left in the morning and goes ‘lots of veggies for dinner, OK?’. A’ rarely makes any demands requests so I thought I would be a good wife and make him what he wanted.

Enter… the vegetarian chili with sweet potatoes!

I found the recipe and I pretty much had everything I needed in the house. I changed a few things in the link above to make it better for our tastebuds.

Here’s what I changed:

  • I added an extra garlic clove
  • I used two medium sweet potatoes instead of one.
  • I used chickpeas instead of kidney beans
  • I purposely didn’t use radishes and I forgot (darn it) to use the scallions
  • I had Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips
  • I used Plain Greek Yogurt instead of sour cream
  • I cut up half an Avocado in the bowl (YUMM!)
  • I put spinach in the bowl underneath the chili

IMG_1221And we sat at our coffee table and watched the season premier of Downton Abbey :)

Did you watch the premier? What did you think? What about the Bachelor? There’s a girl on the Bachelor from Boynton Beach where my Grandpa lives. I like the 25 year old girl who works in DC. I think it’s going to be a saucy season.

Can we just talk about how many shots of Sean were shown without his shirt on? I mean, the guy has a good body but I sorta felt like I was watching a Soap Opera. I have a feeling that 50% of this season’s shots are going to be Shirtless Sean. I formally declare this season the  ’Shirtless Sean’ season.

Working out


Crossfit yesterday was fun and I am good sore today. There’s a difference between good sore and bad sore and I am definitely good sore today. Let me tell you why. We did Kettlebell Swings (sorry that is the best vid I could find where they took the kettlebell over their head) and I challenged myself to pick up a heavier kettlebell. I almost always go for the 25 lb one but I took the 35 lb one yesterday! It’s fun getting stronger for instances like when I pull out the crockpot and I don’t feel like I’m going to drop it.

Today I went for a 4 mile run with an average pace of 8:55 min/mi. I’m back in my favorite routine. Cross-train Mon, Wed, Fri and Run Tues, Thur, Sat…I’m running routinely these past two weeks and it’s been so nice. A girl in my apartment complex who I told me knee woes to (she is also a runner) saw me the other day while I was walking my dog and goes ‘you look good, have you been running again?’ Umm yes!

Ok, enough rambling for now.





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Sunday Smiles 1.6.13


The first Sunday Smiles of 2013! Where did this week go? I swear I was just posting the Last Sunday Smiles of 2012. It kind of feels like it should be 2013. I have accepted this fact and am ready to take on this year.

First, please tell me how someone can look like this…

IMG_2721and like this…



in the same day?

I got my haircut and apparently getting my hair cut, putting on real clothes, and putting on makeup was just too much for me to handle in one day. Also, do you see how one of my eyes is squinty in the first picture? A’ and I both have this weird lazy eyelid thing. Apparently you can get surgery to fix it. I don’t really notice it that much but in the first picture I do. I don’t think I would get surgery unless it became a vision problem.

Anyways, here are some Sunday Smiles for you!

Meals and Miles got married! and I’ve been a weird stalker girl looking at all the facebook posts/instagram photos all weekend (thanks Steph and Mary for feeding my stalkerish tendencies, you guys are the best). Everything looked absolutely amazing and beautiful! Congratulations!

- I think I will sign up for the Best Damn Race. For no other reason than it’s called the Best Damn Race. 13.1 miles here I come.

- After having it used on my eyes (by professionals) for two weddings this year, I ordered the NAKED eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay. I think it’s supposed to come tomorrow, can’t wait, I love makeup!

Seriously the best chocolate chip cookies ever <— I must try.

- I will be making Chili this week.

Easy Steel Cut Oatmeal

Words to live by…

What’s the deal with pop-tarts? Love Seinfeld. Don’t you think A’ looks like Seinfeld? Just tell me he does to appease me. I like to think he’ll look exactly like him as he ages (but if you don’t it’s OK boo!).

- DIY Etched Glass Milk Bottles

Stamped Envelope Liners

EarBuds I like (in Tortoise)

- Do you watch Revenge? I started watching it on Netflix last night and ended up watching 4 episodes! Yikes. It’s good and apparently another season premiers tonight. I guess I should start recording it.

- A lot of other shows premier this week… Downtown Abbey and the Bachelor to name a few. Thankgoodness for DVR.

OK, I must go do some work before I get sucked into the television for the rest of the night.




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week 1/52 {365 Day Project}


What’s been going on? How’s your weekend?

Here is a round-up of my 1st week of my 365 day project. It started Tues. and goes through today (Saturday). Next week when it’s a more ‘normal’ week I’ll be posting on Friday and including Saturday (today’s again) through Friday’s photos.










Moving on…

Friday and Saturday have been great days thus far. Friends, BEEFCAKE workout (one of the best in a while because I was feeling fresh!), a great run (8.7 miles in 1:19:00 with LOTS of wind), good eats, and well…studying for comp exams. Tonight all I want to do is snuggle with the puppy. I’m trying to sleep as much as possible while I’m off from school because I know once the stress of school starts I won’t have these amazing nights of sleep anymore.

Here is some of the food I’ve been enjoying…

Pancakes I made Friday morning and had as leftovers today. I used a Pancake Recipe from @CarrotsNCake. I didn’t have Vanilla Soy milk so I substituted with organic non-fat milk. I’m pretty sure the vanilla soy milk would have made it taste even better.  Not shown here is the Almond Butter I put on top and let melt all over the pancakes in the microwave…


French Fries at Daily Eats are the BEST. I’ve gone twice in the past 48 hours with my favorite couple friends. 

When I find something I like at a restaurant I tend to order the same thing over and over again. The past two times I went I ordered two new things! It’s been fun stepping outside my comfort zone.

Do you order new things when you go to restaurants or do you like to try new things?

I used to always try new things but at some point in the past few years I started to become a creature of habit.

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Split Jerk + BBQ Beer Crockpot Chicken

It feels good to be strong.



Yesterday at Crossfit the SWOD (skills set) was split jerks from the rack position.

A split jerk starts in the rack position (the clean position). Then you literally split (go into a modified lunge type position) and jerk (press the bar over your head).

Three things I have learned about the split jerk:

  1. You need to put your head through the window. As your arms lock out at the top, your head goes through the window your arms create.
  2. Your lunge isn’t a regular lunge. Your feet are slightly spread apart and not directly behind one another. Your back knee is slightly bent but not like in a regular lunge and your back heel is off the ground so you are on your toe.
  3. The way to complete a split jerk is by stepping your front foot backwards slightly and then having your back foot meet your front. All the while you are still pressing the bar overhead in a locked out position. You then bring the bar back to the rack position and replace.

I got to 100 lbs yesterday. I think maybe I could have done 105 but we were running out of time.

The WOD yesterday was: 3 rounds of a 200 meter run, 7 push presses (I used 55 lbs), and 14 chin ups (I did ring rows).

This morning I ran 4 easy miles on the treadmill at around a 9:20 pace while catching up with Mrs.Fitness.

Food Stuff

On NYE I made a glorious dish.

IMG_2695Crockpot BBQ Beer Chicken - I told you I’m weirdly obsessed with that blog.

This was seriously one of the easiest things I’ve ever made and one of the tastiest. I have a feeling it’ll become a regular thing. Crockpotting it up is the best idea for bringing things to a party. It’s sort of a hasel to carry the crockpot but when I got there I plugged it in and just left it on warm until we were ready to eat. I didn’t have to worry about heating it up or worrying that it would over cook/be under cooked. I just let it sit there all warm and delicious.

I got the chicken and set up my iPhone to read the recipe. I should probably clean my iPhone more regularly since I tend to do this in the kitchen and have it sitting near raw chicken. Do you read recipes off your phone in the kitchen?

IMG_1168Then I gathered the seasoning: salt, pepper, paprika, onion powder, and garlic powder.

IMG_1169I seasoned both sides of the chicken breasts.


I placed them in the crockpot.

IMG_1173I got out my liquids

IMG_1176and poured them into the crockpot!

IMG_1178So easy!

Using beer instead of water or chicken stock is genius, just pure genius!

and with that…




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My 365 Day Project

Can you believe this hourly forecast for the day?

Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 8.39.47 AM


I know my friends up north are going to hate me for saying this but I’m so sick of the heat. I swear next summer I’m going to need an entire new set of shorts and tanks because they are all so worn down. My jeans and sweaters and long sleeves are like, never before worn. I just want to wear my boots and jackets already! Also, look at that humidity. Wah.

So, how was the first day of 2013 for you? I ate terribly yesterday. I went on a food strike and was just in the mood for comfort food. Whatever, it happened. Some people start off the year on a diet and some people take the opposite route like me (or is that just me?).

I started my 365 day project yesterday. I need a photography class. I want like one on one attention.

My goals for the project are as follows:

  1. Take one picture a day
  2. Focus on the settings while taking the photo
  3. Focus on the composition of the photo
  4. Take the photo with different settings on the camera
  5. Use Lightroom to edit the photo with unique settings
  6. Upload photo to 365 Day Project Tab on Blog

So those are my goals. Here is the photo I took yesterday…



Of course the first photo I took is of the pup (and A’s arm). I won’t be sharing my daily photos in my regular blog posts but I will do a 365 day photo post one day a week (I’m thinking Fridays).

Today I am going to be playing catch up and head to Crossfit later.



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looking forward

good morning!

doesn’t the new year seem kind of anti-clamatic to you sometimes? or is that just me? don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my friends and being with people I love on NYE…













{bag of nouns = best game ever}




IMG_2705 IMG_2706 IMG_2704…but now I always feel this pressure to change something in my life. i’ve never made NYE resolutions, until last year and i ended up messing up my knee and not following through with the biggest of my resolutions. the blogworld made me feel like i needed resolutions so i made them for the first time last year. this year, it seems like people are taking my route and making NYE intentions instead :) that’s what i’m talking about people! (like, here and here).

so here are my intentions for 2013:

1. no mo’ stress – in times of stress just remember to look at my life and think about the big picture (easier said than done).

2. run happy – right now i’m loving running when i want and how i want. i’m loving not feeling pressured to follow a training plan. i love being able to go out on a friday night and not worry about eating dairy or getting up early the next morning. don’t get me wrong, i want to sign up for races this year but i like the idea of not putting pressure on myself

3. 365 day project – i’m going to (try) to take a photo a day for the entire year! i don’t know what i am going to do with all of them but i plan to make another tab on the blog for these photos. i’m going to try and get better at using my DLSR, specifically composition. the theme of the photos will be composition. for one photo a day i want to look at what i’m photographing in a more artistic way.

5. drink more water – self explanatory

6. call friends and family more – i want to pick up the phone to call my friends and family more. i’m not a phone person by nature but i think it’s just like exercising, eventually it will become habit. i always get off the phone with friends and family and think about how much i love talking to them. i want to do this more! i also want to send out birthday cards (i know that’s stretching it).

7. more time for US – 2013 has been the year of weddings. A’ and I have been to 9 amazing wonderful beautiful weddings. i have loved being there for all our friends and family’s simchas. however, A’ and I want to make this the year for us. i can’t wait to wake up on saturday morning with NO PLANS and just do what we want to do in the moment. i want to take more trips around florida’s west coast and explore with A’ by my side.

8. attempt to do 5 unassisted pull-ups bye the end of the year! i really want to achieve this!

well…that’s what i’m thinking for 2013! nothing too crazy but all things that will improve my quality of life and just make me all around happier and healthier in my body and spirit.

and now i’m off to go start the New Year off right with a nice easy run. it’s absolutely gorgeous outside!





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